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The Benefits of Co-Working Spaces for Creative Entrepreneurs

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

Coworking spaces are on the rise, especially since the pandemic changed the way many business models now function. They are the new, modern-day offices.

Filled with small businesses, remote employees, entrepreneurs, and self-employed freelancers, coworking spaces are a hub of collaboration and social opportunities. Most coworking offices have various rooms available for different aspects of work such as meeting rooms, private bubbles for calls, open plan shared spaces, and quiet focus areas.

This rise of coworking is revolutionizing the way people work. Normalizing flexibility, collaboration, and networking in our working environment.

I started using a local co-working space, C-Space in Newquay, right at the beginning of my life as a virtual assistant, and I have been going there once or twice a week to work for the past year now. If you are not already using a coworking space as a creative entrepreneur - I can not recommend it enough! Here's why...

Increased Productivity

When I first started working at CSpace, I thought I would find it distracting as I am so used to working alone from home, and at the coworking space it's busy and there's a lot of background noise, things going on, and distractions. But, I actually find I have my most productive work days there.

Because it's an 'office' environment, rather than being at home, I tend to sit there and work through a lot more of my to-do lists than I do on a general day at home. The space is a well-designed work environment and I'm surrounded by like-minded individuals who are also focusing on their work, which makes for a productive work experience.

"Studies show that between 75% and 90% of coworkers love the personal connections that coworking makes possible, they feel more engaged and motivated to work and feel less lonely. All those positive reactions put together make co-working the key to employee happiness, which consequently boosts productivity."

Community Spirit

The ONLY thing I missed about working in an office when I left my job to become a VA was my colleagues. My work day does tend to include a lot of calls and chats with clients, so I am often talking to people, but there's definitely something to be said for actually being physically around people.

Working in a coworking space gives you a sense of community. Being a creative entrepreneur can be a bit isolated and it’s very easy to get lost in your work. Breaking the routine of just being in your office, or being at home, and embracing a different space filled with other people can really affect you. It is proven that being part of an office community will help with well-being and productivity.

Inspiration and Motivation

As well as helping to boost your productivity, using a coworking space gives you the opportunity to change your environment and therefore change your mindset.

Being in a new space and a different work environment than you're routinely used to can help fresh inspiration flow. They can be creative spaces with business ideas bouncing around and people with knowledge to share. Coworking decor is also usually different from a home environment or private offices and can make it feel like quite a free, calm place to work.

"According to a study featured on Office Vibe, a coworking office environment helped 64% of entrepreneurs become more productive and 68% of entrepreneurs more focused."

Networking & Friendships

Coworking spaces are a great opportunity for networking with businesses in your local community, and also just for building friendships.

Shared offices spaces feature a variety of business types, meaning you'll get to meet and work alongside a real mix of people. Using the communal areas is a great opportunity to get to know other coworkers who can share useful tips, advice, and even future business opportunities.

Mental Wellbeing

Some people are really good at working from home and balancing their business with their mental health, but for some people it can be a struggle. As a freelancer, or remote worker, your day-to-day can be quite lonely and also quite full-on dealing with everything yourself, which can lead to feelings of stress, anxiety or depression.

When you’re working alone it’s easy to become stressed about the smallest issues - especially if you’ve got nobody to talk to about it. In turn, this can result in a struggle with mental health.

Coworking spaces help to remove these lonely feelings and surround you with people that are there to ask a quick question or have a discussion. Even if it's just a 2 minute chat while you're getting a coffee, it can make all the difference to your mental wellbeing.

Coworking spaces are filled with like-minded individuals meaning you can build friendships and working relationships with your fellow coworkers, making your workday a lot more fulfilled.

So, if you haven't tried out your local coworking space yet, do it now! Using a shared office space really can provide so many benefits that can help you boost your productivity, achieve your business objectives, meet new people, and look after your mental wellbeing.

L x

Laura Mackenzie

Creative Virtual Assistant at Kelp Collective


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