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Providing authentic, creative marketing services and virtual assistance specifically for overwhelmed small creative business owners to maximise your productivity and take your business to the next level.

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Kelp Collective creative services and offerings
Kelp Collective creative services and offerings


Covering branding, graphic resources, digital marketing materials, and business templates.

From your business website and bespoke marketing materials, to social media templates and launch products, having stylized and on-brand graphics makes a huge impact. Our design services provide you with digital marketing materials and branding collateral that will make your business unforgettable!

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Uplevel your business with elevated and structured marketing services.


Our various marketing packages cover all small business needs. Including marketing strategy, social media strategy, monthly social media support, Pinterest marketing, content scheduling, marketing content, blog posts, email newsletters, email automations and competitor research and analysis.


There's something to suit all small creative business owners who want to grow their business and have their social media and marketing taken care of for them.

Kelp Collective creative services and offerings
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Kelp Collective creative services and offerings


Website maintenance and design services that ensure your site is optimized for performance, for Wordpress, Squarespace or Wix websites.

You deserve a dream website that converts, represents your brand and attracts your customers. Our website services provide an expert design and analytical approach to create or manage your website to its highest potential.

Kelp Collective creative services and offerings


Book a one-off strategy and planning session designed to ignite your business growth or supercharge your social media and marketing strategies!

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Kelp Collective creative services and offerings
Kelp Collective creative services and offerings


Ready to reclaim your time, build your business and create streamlined processes? Let’s get your sh*t together!

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