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How to Manifest Success, Growth and Achievement in Your Business

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

Your mind is the most powerful tool that you own. What you might not realise is that your mind can actually help you achieve what you want for your business. The power of manifestation. With the right mindset, and practising visualization or other manifestation techniques, you can fast-track your business to success.

“Everything you can imagine is real.” - Pablo Picasso

So, what is manifestation? Simply put, it is the act of using your intention of something that you want to happen, believing that it will happen, and watching it happen. In other words, if you think it and you want it enough, it'll come true for you.

We are constantly designing and manifesting what we want for our lives and our careers subconsciously. So when we become conscious of that capability we can learn how to harness it to our own benefit - manifestation.

If you are clear with your vision, remain dedicated and focus on the future that you want, then that future itself will ignite a force within you that you will keep fighting for and believing in, until your goals are manifested.

"It's really powerful when we become aware enough to say: this is something I'd really like to experience in my life. Let's say it's a job or a relationship or an amount of money or a feeling in your body. Manifestation is really about understanding what it is that you want for your own life experience, and then creating those outcomes." Natalia Benson

As well as being aware of how you want to create your life, you can use the powerful tool of manifestation to achieve success, goals and growth in your business. Here's how...

Find Clarity

This is step number one in manifestation. Do you know what you want? It has to be what you REALLY want. Because, if you’re not clear on what you want, you won't be able to manifest it.

It might be that you have a whole heap of business ideas and a rough idea of what you'd like to achieve. But you need to get clearer on this. Write them all down, and go through each one individuality, really understanding what that might mean for you and your biz and whether it is something you'd be happy to commit to making happen.

As well as understanding what goals you want to achieve in your biz, you also need to be clear on what these will mean for you and how you feel about them. This is taking time to understand the feelings that will come with achieving your vision.

Why do you want this success in your biz? What problem will it solve? This clarity will really help you to focus your energy in the right direction.


Now that you're clear on what you want, it's time to visualize it.

“Thoughts create things” Mike Dooley, Manifesting Change

Visualization is a commonly used tool in manifestation, and it is essentially the practice of picturing something in your mind and focusing on the desired outcome. By doing this, we tap into our subconscious mind and activate the same neural pathways in the brain as if we were actually experiencing what we are visualizing in real life.

Visualization can be super effective. If you practise it frequently, ideally every day, you will find it will impact your business growth, the productivity of your business, the achievement of your goals and the overall success mindset that you have when it comes to running your biz.

Just starting out with visualization? Here are some top tips on how to get started:

- Take a quiet moment, in a calming area where you will be undisturbed and close your eyes.

- Calm your mind, and body, connect with your breathing.

- Start to visualize your business goals, and picture yourself achieving them. Let your mind visualize success in the way you wish would happen.

- Acknowledge the emotions that you feel in this moment. Allow yourself to feel the happiness, excitement and pride that you have achieved these dreams.

- Stay in this moment for as long as feels comfortable for you, but around 10 minutes should be substantial.

- Repeat this daily if you can, or as often as you have the time to.

The more you focus on your positive emotions and the journey that you take in your visualization, the more successful your visualization will be.

Replace NO with New Opportunity

Putting your faith in the universe is incredibly powerful in every aspect of your life, but especially in business when you are faced with the words “no”.

Hearing "no" can be a very disheartening experience when running a business, and can easily cause setbacks or negative emotions. But use the power of manifestation to understand that "no" really means "this is a new opportunity." To achieve the utmost success in your business, it is super important to be able to overcome these negative emotions and cultivate a more positive mindset.

As with everything in life, the universe is working FOR you, and not against you. So, as difficult as it might be sometimes, it really is true that when you're faced with a "no", it is because something better and more aligned with your true path is coming.

Use the power of self-compassion to be kind to yourself during these times. Be understanding, kind and encouraging when talking to yourself and be sure to forgive yourself for any errors, or setbacks you face. You can also use positive affirmations to help adjust your mindset and empower your subconscious mind.

"I am worthy of success"

"I manifest abundance"

"I deserve everything that I want in life"

"I am strong, confident and powerful"

"Nothing can stop me from achieving my targets"

You will find that over time, using these affirmations will help to replace your negative beliefs with more positive, empowering ones.

Believe in Yourself - Remain Committed

You will have days where your goals or vision might seem unattainable or days where you doubt yourself. But remain true to who you are and want you want for your business, you will only achieve it if you continue to believe that you will.

Manifestation will not be an instant gratification kind of thing. Think of it like planting a seed and watching the plant grow; it takes time and care and attention. But with the right dedication, you will get there.

"It takes patience, faith, and allowing for alignment of intent and actualization to occur." The Woke Mystix

Manifesting success, growth and achievement in your business is something that everyone is capable of! By taking consistent action towards where you want your business to be, and believing that you will get there, you will find yourself exactly where you want to be!

Drop me a comment below, have you ever tried manifestation? Do you have any other tips for manifesting business success? Let me know!

L x

Laura Mackenzie

Creative Virtual Assistant at Kelp Collective


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