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Tips to Uplevel your Small Biz

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Want to grow, flow, and manifest abundance? You need to take note of these tips to uplevel your biz game right now.


You need to get your finances in order and start paying yourself.

Carve out time to keep up with the daily, weekly, and monthly numbers in your business, and start to recognise financial trends and patterns. This shit is time-consuming but so essential, if you literally don't have time to even think about it then you need to hire an accountant.

Staying on track of all of the incomings and outgoings of your biz is the key to business success, and make sure you are actually paying yourself a wage and not just taking a bit out here and there.


Running a business means every day is busy, and it's very easy to get drowned in the day-to-day tasks of running the biz. But take a step back, and take some time out.

Entrepreneurs who want to achieve great things and avoid burning out should strive for a sustainable work/life balance. It will be incredibly refreshing if you take a step back and encourage the opportunity to reconnect with your goals and vision.


It can be easy to forget your excitement and passion that sparked the initiative to start your biz in the first place, when you're primarily concerned with making a profit, keeping your customers happy, and running all of the logistics behind the scenes.

But take time to out to process how far you've come, everything you've achieved, and everything you dream of achieving in the future. Believing in yourself is the key to running your business successfully.


This is one of the hardest things to learn how to do. Especially when you just start a business, because you care so much and want to achieve in every aspect, it feels wrong to say no to anything.

You have to learn how to say no when the situation won't benefit your business or you. Understand that it's better, more respectful and advantageous to actually say no if you need to say no!

“When we don’t purposefully and deliberately choose where to focus our energies and our time, other people will choose for us, and before long we’ll have lost sight of everything meaningful and important.”


It is natural to have fearful thoughts in our biz, as well as our everyday lives. If you doubt a decision or are afraid of success, or think you're not worthy... face the fear and strive for self-belief and empowerment.

You and you alone got your biz this far, you and you alone can take it to the next level if that's what you want.

Ready to uplevel and outsource? Fill out this enquiry form and let's make magic happen.

L x

Laura Mackenzie

Creative Virtual Assistant at Kelp Collective


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