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15 Creative and Simple Ways To Repurpose Content

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Creating content can be one of the most time-consuming aspects of your business. As a small business owner or creative entrepreneur, we all know you just haven't got the time or energy to keep churning out fresh, relevant content. At the same time, you know that you need to consistently deliver engaging and valuable marketing content to your audience. So what's the answer? Repurposing content, of course!

If you've written an amazing, detailed blog post about a particular topic, why wouldn't you want to delve back into it to reshare some of the ideas included? Repurposing your content gives you the opportunity to share it again, in a different format, on a different platform, and potentially to a new audience. You're still providing fresh content but just using ideas that you've already had to make it a quicker and more consistent process.

Let's get one thing clear. Repurposing content isn’t as simple as copying and pasting your content straight over to your other platforms. It's a way of reworking existing content and presenting it in a different form on other channels to expand its reach and lifespan. You're not cheating! You’re not being repetitive or lazy, you’re using content that you have previously created and giving it new life.

It's a way of ensuring that all groups of your audience can gain value from what you have to offer. Some of your audience might prefer listening to podcasts whereas some might be much more into reading blog posts. Some will prefer visual infographics over video content. Some will be subscribed to your newsletter whereas some only follow you on social media. You have all of these channels with different segments of your audience, so by reformatting your content into different mediums, you are appealing to all of your audience and extending your reach as wide as possible.

Think about how much time and effort you put into creating your content. It would seem crazy to not want to share that multiple times across multiple channels, surely? It can also do really great things to boost your SEO, establish your authority online and proves your expertise in your field.

Wondering where to get started with repurposing content? A good place to start is to have a look at your analytics, and see which of your pieces performed really well or got good engagement. You can check out your stats on social media, review your best-performing blog posts, or have a look at your email marketing analytics. The pieces that have done well are most likely what people find relevant and want to engage with.

So, now you know the how and why of repurposing content, here are some super simple and creative ways that you can get repurposing your content today.

1. Turn your blog posts into a YouTube video

Your blog post is the perfect script for a YouTube video! Pick a great blog post and make a list of the key takeaways from the post. You can then create a short script for your video using those key points and get filming. "How-to's" and guides work best for YouTube videos.

2. Create an infographic from a blog post

Have you got a blog post sharing a list of top tips or advice on something in your field? This would be ideal for an infographic post you can use across your social media channels. Shorten the content and make a bullet list of the key points to include.

3. Turn a PowerPoint presentation into an eBook

If you've ever done a presentation for a company or client, you will likely have put a lot of work into all of the content included on the slides. You can easily taken this content out and recycle it into an eBook to share with potential or current consumers.

4. Testimonials into a social media post

Most product and service based businesses encourage testimonials from their consumers, so you will almost definitely have a stack of reviews somewhere. Create them into social media posts and share the great things people have to say about you as a form of content.

5. Newsletters into blog posts

If you've got a regular email marketing schedule set up and you're consistent with your email campaigns, then you will definitely have content included that you can use for a blog post. You can even set this up as a regular thing so that you upload your newsletter as a blog post a few weeks after it's been sent out, or the other way around!

6. Blog posts into Pinterest pins

Using Pinterest for your blog can get you so many page views and so much traffic! Some blogs get well over 50% of their traffic from Pinterest alone, so I absolutely recommend that you create correlating pins that link to your blog posts.

7. Podcast episode as a blog post

You can do this either way around. If you have a blog post that you want to turn into a podcast episode, then all you need to do is record yourself reading the blog post. Or, if you want to turn an old podcast episode into a blog post, transcribe the audio and publish it as a written article.

8. Shorten YouTube videos and share on social media

Take sections of your YouTube videos and use them as video format across your social media platforms. This could be a fun Instagram reel, a story on Facebook, or a Pinterest idea pin!

9. Turn a Q&A into a blog post

Have you ever hosted a Q&A on social media? Using your blog to share your Q&As is a great way to build your web traffic, encourage new visitors, answer any consumer queries, and share your knowledge in your field.

10. Repost social content across your channels

It might be that the content you share on LinkedIn is different to the content that you share on Instagram. But you can repurpose it across the two platforms just by altering the niche slightly. So, if your post on Instagram is a lot more casual and friendly, change the tone of voice to be more professional for the LinkedIn post, but share the same details.

11. Use your FAQs as a social media infographic

If you have regular frequently asked questions related to your products or services, create a bite-sized guide using them to share with your audience on social media.

12. Extract quotes from existing content

Who knew you could be so poetic? But seriously, if you scan back through existing forms of content, I'll bet you'll find a few great quotes of things you've said that you can definitely use as fresh forms of content.

13. Turn a blog post into a Twitter thread or LinkedIn post

Take the sub-headings from your original post, add some context under each and share as a Twitter thread. Instead of summarizing the entire blog post into a social post, take a single point and expand on it. This will give you 3-4 updates for social from one blog post.

14 Create a presentation

Top tips, lists, how-tos, meaningful quotes, and actionable advice can easily make for effective slides. Scan through your social media or blog posts and see what content you have that could potentially be turned into a presentation.

15 Refresh and republish old posts

This is probably the easiest and most effective way of repurposing content. Maybe you posted an Instagram post a couple of years ago sharing some super important information - reuse it! Rewrite the content and update the graphic, share it across all of your platforms, and share it again with an audience that probably haven't have seen it before.

"Content repurposing doesn’t just mean that you reuse an old piece of content again and again. True repurposing requires that we alter it to make it fresh and appealing to a new audience " Garrett Moon of CoSchedule

By using these ideas to repurpose your content you'll be getting the most value out of your content! You will find that you are able to reach new audiences and grow your online presence without having to create any new content. What's your favourite method of repurposing content? Share your ideas and thoughts in the comments!

L x

Laura Mackenzie


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