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A Little Look Into My Offerings as a Creative Virtual Assistant

If you've been wondering about the services I offer here at Kelp Collective, or how we could work together, I wanted to share a blog post detailing my creative virtual assistant offerings to give you a little look into it all in a bit more detail!

My creative virtual assistance offerings have all been fine-tuned based on my skillset, my passions and my strengths so that the services I offer are of the highest value to my clients.

Here's a list of my current packages, and some further information about them:

Email Management

Set-up Service

My email management set-up service is required before we can start working together on the daily management of your inbox. It is an initial process to get things organized.

I will spend a chunk of time sorting through your inbox as it is now, and archiving any old emails. I create folders, categories and sub-labels based on your regular mail so that we can then sort through all emails and add them. Think of it like a filing system for your emails.

During the set-up service I will also create things like email templates for mail or responses that you frequently send, an email signature, and any other necessary automation that will help during the daily management process.

Daily Management

After the set-up service is complete and your inbox is all nice and tidy, I offer a regular service managing your inbox daily. This involves me going into your inbox, filtering through any incoming mail and filing it away in the necessary category. I can then draft responses, create emails as required and inform you of any actionable tasks needed.

The process of this varies from client to client, as some instances may need double checking of all drafted responses whereas in some instances I'm able to send emails without clients checking them first. This is a system that will be assessed during the onboarding process to ensure both myself and the client are happy with the workflow.

Pinterest Management

Set-up Service

Pinterest is another platform that generally requires a set-up service before the ongoing management starts. Generally, even if you have used Pinterest a little bit, it will need a slight overhaul to get everything organized.

This will involve creating boards based on your niche, optimizing these for search purposes, editing your bio and profile, pinning relevant pins to your boards, adding a branded cover image and setting up any other necessary details.

Full Management

Once your Pinterest is optimized to its full potential, I am able to offer a regular full management package to strategize and organize the platform to benefit your business. This will include regular content creation and scheduling pins created to drive traffic back to your required source (website, blog post or Instagram account for example). Regular updates of your boards, idea pin creation, and repinning pins. I also provide regular (either weekly or monthly, based on your requirements) analytic reports on your Pinterest content, so you are able to monitor the progress of the account.

Social Media Management

I offer three different types of social media management packages, based on the amount of content you are looking to share and the amount of platforms you want to share it on.

Each package will include a detailed social media strategy before we start working together, including guidelines and hashtag research and a feed template to follow. I then offer regular content creation, social media scheduling and engagement.

The three packages currently available are:


Content for one channel, with up to 10 posts per month.


Content for three channels, with up to 25 posts per month.


Content for six channel, with up to 50 posts per month.

Content Marketing

My content marketing package covers all things digital marketing outside of social media. In this comprehensive package you will receive regular blog posts, email campaigns and email sequences, lead gen research, PR and outreach, correlating social media posts and YouTube video uploads.

The Full Works

As I call it, the full English breakfast of virtual assistant offerings! The full works does just what it says on the tin and gives you everything. This is the perfect package for the small biz owner or entrepreneur who knows they need help with everything and is ready to take that step back to elevate things to the next level.

Including... social media management, content creation, scheduling and engagement, blog posts, newsletters and email automations, research projects, e-commerce assistance, content marketing, pinterest management and website assistance.

As well as these regular packages, I totally understand that everyone has different requirements for their business. So, I am always open to create bespoke creative virtual assistant offering packages based around your specifications. To get in touch with me or find out more about how we can work together, fill out this enquiry form or book a call with me, and let's make some magic happen!

I can't wait to hear from you and start making big things happen for your biz.

L x

Creative Virtual Assistant at Kelp Collective

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