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10 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Virtual Assistant

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Virtual Assistants are a beneficial choice for small businesses that are growing but maybe don't quite require an office full of employees just yet. They're also a cost-effective and flexible alternative option to employees, as they work remotely and only charge for time spent actually working on projects.

10 reasons why you should hire a Virtual Assistant - Kelp Collective blog post

Outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant will allow you to balance the needs of your business and give you the opportunity to focus on the important stuff. Still not sure if you should hire a VA? Here are 10 reasons why you should:

One: Maximised productivity

This is my absolute tagline as a VA. I manage your workload so that your time is being used efficiently and you have the best opportunity possible to maximise your productivity. By delegating tasks to me as a Virtual Assistant, you are no longer restrained by time going through that never-ending to-do list and doing the admin things that don't help your biz grow. Therefore, the productivity in your business will boost.

Two: Time is money

Growing a small biz on your own means that you are responsible for every single aspect of that business. You know that you need to delegate some of these tasks to someone else, but hiring a full-time employee is a commitment and a big expense. When you hire a VA, you will only pay for the hours they work or your specific package with them, rather than an ongoing employee monthly salary.

Three: Delegation is key

If you're used to doing everything by yourself, the prospect of handing over some of this workload can seem scary or difficult. Where would you even start? Well, a Virtual Assistant will show you how! By understanding how you run your business, I will proactively support you and organise you in the best ways you can delegate and manage a VA.

Four: Skills and training

The likelihood is there are areas of your business you had to teach yourself how to do, such as social media or SEO for example. When you outsource this aspect of your biz to a Virtual Assistant, they are trained and skilled in these areas and will have a greater understanding of how to utilise this to the utmost potential! As a VA, I can bring new ideas and insights that will improve the way you are already doing things.

Five: Scalability

You can give yourself the opportunity to prioritise certain projects and delegate certain tasks that will increase your business growth. Business growth requires investment and by hiring a Virtual Assistant, you are able to manage your capital needs, as the cost of hiring a VA is substantially lower than hiring employees, as is the ongoing costs of management and development.

Six: Save those pennies

As I have mentioned before, outsourcing to a VA is generally much more cost-effective than hiring employees. A Virtual Assistant is an independent freelancer, which means you pay them as a contractor either at an hourly rate or a set rate per project. You don't need to consider paying any extras as you would for an employee such as pension contributions, insurance, sick pay, or holiday pay.

Seven: Manage your mindset

Running a small, successful business is a big responsibility and if you are used to doing everything yourself, it is likely you feel very overwhelmed by it all. Your wellbeing, mindset and organisational skills are crucial to your biz, so by delegating some of your tasks to a VA you will be taking a little bit of that weight off your shoulders.

Eight: Streamline your processes

Having streamlined processes and systems throughout your business is a huge benefit of hiring a Virtual assistant. You might already have some processes in place, but a VA can definitely help in making all of your operations more streamlined, ensuring efficient processes across the whole of your biz.

Nine: Escape the admin

If there is anything that will stop you from reaching your business potential, it will be drowning in admin! This is essentially the best reason to hire a VA as admin tasks are easily delegated and Virtual Assistants can get them done quickly, efficiently, and professionally, leaving you to focus on other important tasks in your biz.

Ten: I'm your best wing woman!

Imagine doing everything you're doing in your small biz right now, but with a cheerleader there constantly cheering you on. That's what I do as a Virtual Assistant! I'm your right-hand woman in everything, you don't have to do it all on your own.

So there you have it. If you're still not sure whether outsourcing to a VA is quite right for you, drop me a line and let's talk it through!

L x

Laura Mackenzie

Creative Virtual Assistant at Kelp Collective


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