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Client  Stories.






Olivia Bossert

Fashion Photographer 

& Photography Education

Our Lovely Goods

Handcrafted Homeware

& Skincare

Tammy Vigue


& Life Coach

Chloe Kempster

Upcycled Furniture

Artist & Designer

Olivia Bossert

Olivia is a Fashion Photographer and Director, who also provides online courses and education for aspiring fashion photographers.


As well as being a successful Fashion Photographer based in London, Olivia also runs an Education platform offerings courses and mentoring for other photographers.

Providing valuable content and maintaining a brand presence within her education platform is a super important part of Olivia's business strategy, but the admin and graphics side of it take up a lot of time that isn't always there if Olivia is busy with photoshoots and editing. 

The main areas Olivia needed assistance with were consistent marketing techniques for the Photography Education platform. Within this marketing strategy, she wanted to outsource some graphic content creation including creating and scheduling blog posts, social media content creation for Instagram, and pin graphics created for Pinterest.

Working collaboratively, Olivia batch provided regular content alongside a content calendar for me to follow to be used across all platforms. I followed this and created social media posts, Pinterest graphics and blog content as required. 

Olivia Bossert
Olivia Bossert Education
Instagram / Pinterest

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Olivia Bossrt

Laura has been a total life saver for my education business.

I’m still a busy, working fashion photographer, and I don’t always have the time to keep updating my social media or creating graphics. So, having Laura there to do those important tasks for me takes so much pressure off my shoulders. It means that I can focus on work for my clients, but also claim back a few important hours in my week to relax or get inspired.


Laura is always there to help, happy to share her ideas and input, and a total team player. I can’t recommend her enough!


Our Lovely Goods

Founded by Ebi and Emmanual Sinteh, Our Lovely Goods is a candle, skincare and homeware brand that celebrates the feeling of home.


Created by Ebi and Emmanuel and run as a family business based in Scotland, Our Lovely Goods started making skincare and candles, with scents inspired by a story, transporting people to a moment or place. The collection has since grown to include homewares and baskets made in Nigeria, combining traditional craft with new designs.

Running a successful e-commerce business, handcrafting their gorgeous, individual products, brainstorming new ideas, working with suppliers that compliment their brand, and making time for family life, meant that Ebi and Emmanual weren't always able to keep up with their busy inbox. 

I began working with the brand to help them stay on top of their emails, and organising a system to make it easier for them to manage. The set-up service involved creating categories and sub-labels to file away all of their important emails, and keep everything in it's relevant place, unsubscribe from non-relevant content, and set up an inbound response system. 

We then worked collaboratively on a daily inbox management service which involved drafting responses to incoming emails, responding to customer queries and editing relevant shopify orders, adding wholesale orders to their system, and filing away all other inbound correspondence. 

Together we have created a system that means no email is missed or left unresponded to, and their excellent personalised customer service can continue unchanged. 

Our Lovely Goods
Instagram / Facebook

Our Lovely Goods

Thank you soooo much for all of your help, as always!

We were looking for a virtual assistant to help with emails and customer service as it was becoming a real struggle to keep on top of it. 

With Laura managing our inbox, we were able to declutter and organize all of the incoming mail so it was systemized and much easier to manage. She responds to our customer service emails on a daily basis and takes the pressure of us, as we are busy running our business.



Tammy Vigue

Tammy is a retirement coach and consultant, money coach, meditation and yoga teacher, and professional speaker.


After a twenty-year career in the pension and investment industry, Tammy came to believe that the way we plan for retirement is incomplete. Realising that retirement planning isn’t just about financial planning, we need to define the life we want to retire to.

So, after trading in her briefcase for a yoga mat, and immersing herself in the study and practice of yoga, meditation, coaching, psychology, and all things personal development, Tammy set out with a new challenge - to help others discover their purpose. 

With her business plan set up, Tammy needed the help of a creative marketing assistant to provide support so she was able to impact more people with her message.


Following a step-by-step marketing strategy, I have assisted Tammy through all her stages of her business. Including social media marketing, uploading videos to YouTube, setting up her online courses, weekly email campaigns, writing a weekly blog post, lead gen and list building to increase awareness, creating graphics and workbooks, and updating her website. 


We have an amazing system in place that I feel has really supported Tammy in strategizing her consultancy to the utmost, and we continue to grow throughout the business' evolution. 

Tammy Vigue
LinkedIn / Instagram / Pinterest / Facebook

The Curated Retirement, retirement coach Tammy Vigue.jpg

I can’t express how much Laura has contributed to my life and my business!


Her services go beyond what you might think of in terms of a typical VA.  I think of her more as a business partner. She’s incredibly talented and creative and fully understands my business goals.  She works independently and with very little direction, often coming up with her own ideas to improve various aspects of the business. She takes initiative and is able to find solutions to problems. I’ll never forget the time that my website mysteriously crashed and she had it back up within the hour. Working with her has given me time freedom and peace of mind. I can’t recommend her enough!




Tammy Vigue

Chloe Kempster

Chloe Kempster is a highly acclaimed furniture designer creating truly unique pieces of reimagined vintage furniture.


Chloe and I initally connected when she was at a transitional point in her business. She was looking to change her business name (formally Maisie's House), rebrand the business visuals and update her website. 

Our first project together was a complete rebrand and a new website. Focused on Chloe's joyful, abstract and playful creative flair, we created a new brand identity that felt a lot more relevant to the business as it had grown to be. 

Since rebranding and recreating the website, I have continued to work alongside Chloe in various marketing capacities. 

Chloe had a profile on Pinterest but not one that she managed regularly, so I set about creating and scheduling regular content for Pinterest to keep a consistent presence on the platform. She now has an increasingly successful profile, with a high number of monthly views and clicks.

I have also helped Chloe out in drafting and scheduling email campaigns to her customer base, and adding journal posts to the website. 

Chloe Kempster
Instagram / Facebook / Pinterest

Chloe Kempster

I initially asked Laura to help me with my website and she did such a beautiful job!


I love that she has the technical know-how, but also has a creative flair and an eye for design.


Honestly, I sometimes get overwhelmed with my business and everything I need to think about and Laura has made everything so much easier, she really listens and is happy to help out with so many elements of my business such as social media management, newsletters, blogs and presentations, she is a star 🌟



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